Camponotus modoc, Camponotus vicinus

Carpenter ants are tenacious insects and they can do thousands of dollars worth in damages behind the walls, completely undetected by the homeowner, if left untreated. Carpenter ants usually establish nests in a number of locations throughout the home, including the parent colony which consists of a queen, its brood, and over 2000 worker ants. They then have satellite colonies in different areas with workers, but no queen because she will not leave the main nest.

These ants are nocturnal by nature, so you could have thousands of ants in the walls and only see 4 or 5 at a time. In order to have an effective treatment, you must find and kill the queen ant and because most pest companies only do a baseboard treatment and place dust near a wall plug, they will never reach the nest.

Our service treats your entire home from top to bottom against carpenter ants using a safe and odorless insecticide. We concentrate on the foundation where they enter the home, the pipes where they go for water, as well as the attic where 80% of the nests occur and if these areas are left untreated, you are just masking the problem. We use the safest products available, offer our clients free estimates, and have a full written guarantee for one full year to ensure satisfaction.