common bedbug, cimex lectularius

Bedbugs were virtually wiped out over 50 years ago using aggressive pesticides like DDT. However, in the past few years, they are becoming a major problem again in all of North America including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding area according to the National Pest Control Association. Adult bedbugs are a quarter of an inch long, feed on blood, they mainly come out at night and are translucent until they feed themselves and become filled up with blood.

Unfortunately, hatchlings are so small they can pass through a single stitch-hole in a mattress and even adults can slip into tiny cracks in any furniture in your home due to their flat bodies.


They are almost impossible for a homeowner to treat because the pesticides sold in hardware stores don’t work and sprays need to be approved in order to be used on mattresses. Our expert bedbug removal technicians treat all mattresses in the home, as well as all dressers, drawers, baseboards, chairs, and furniture. We use only MOE approved, water-based, odorless insecticides that are registered for this procedure. In addition, we use the latest Micro Injector technology that actually injects a fine mist into the mattress and furniture where the insects live and breed. With our system, you won’t need to throw out your mattress or furniture due to the bedbugs and our services are fully guaranteed in writing.