Mice: Steps to keep them out of your home!

Homeowners beware–sighting mice or rodents in your home can incite an uncomfortable situation. Whether in your basement, kitchen, bathroom or attic, rodents squirming around can cause feelings of uneasiness and fear. Mice are notorious for seeking shelter indoors during the cooler seasons, and once they build a shelter inside, they can cause more than just […]

Raccoons: How to keep these pests out of your home!

You’re finding yourself getting woken up in the morning to a trail of tiny footprints scattered around your yard. The trash can is tipped over. Garden is destroyed. And leftover food particles left a mess everywhere. These clues are not subtle. Your home was probably invaded by a racoon. Racoons are ingenious and potentially harmful […]

Identifying and Preventing Rats

No matter how adorable Disney’s animated film ‘Ratatouille’ was, the negative reputation rats have universally is well justified; and no, it would not be wise to prepare meals with a rat in your kitchen – no matter how cute and talented! Rats, in many cases, are considered to be vermin meaning they carry disease. If […]

Bees VS Wasps

While bees and wasps are both responsible for pollination and are often mistaken as they zoom by due to their similar black and yellow colouring, they have some significant differences to help tell them apart. Characteristics & Habits Bees and wasps have very specific physical characteristics which make them distinguishable. For example, since bees feed […]

Spring has Sprung - Warm Weather Pests

Now that the winter has come and gone, nature is on the move once again. As much of the Animal Kingdom awakes from its hibernation and temperatures begin to increase, creatures and critters will be rustling about seeking shelter in new spaces as they carry on with their life cycles. There are multiple ways for […]