A Day in the Life of A Carpenter Ant

What Are Carpenter Ants? Generally, Carpenter ants are an insect that could make life a lot harder for you, especially during the spring, but what makes these guys tick? A good way to find out more about these interesting creatures is to do some research on current studies, and information found on Carpenter ants – […]

Rabies and Raccoons in Hamilton

Rabies Infected Raccoons in Hamilton With the recent outbreak of rabies affecting raccoons in Hamilton, as well as the local new stories of dogs being attacked by a rabies infected raccoon, it’s more important than ever to protect your family and pets from the dangers surrounding raccoons. Although the city of Hamilton and the Ministry […]

Slugs In The Garden

Keeping Slugs Out of Your Garden After a relatively warm winter, spring is finally reaching Southern Ontario. As April begins, the rains will continue as the old saying holds true; April showers bring May flowers. You have either planned or are currently planning your gardens, or are anxiously waiting for your first plants to sprout. […]