Cockroaches no longer rising to the bait

In the war against pests, the lowly cockroach is a fearsome adversary. It can go weeks without water, survive decapitation for a time and drive humans buggy. Now, researchers have discovered how some roaches have eluded humans’ once-in-fallible traps: they have evolved so that glucose-sweetened bait tastes bitter! The discovery, published in Friday’s edition of […]

Mutant cockroaches evolved to withstand poison

For decades, people have been getting rid of cockroaches by setting bait mixed with poison. However, these killer products have stopped working. It was noticed in the 1980s that cockroach populations continuously increased despite the use of poisons. This was a remarkably rapid display of evolution at work. Numerous cockroaches had lost their sweet tooth, […]

Carpenter Ants in Hamilton

About. In many regions, carpenter ants (Camponotus) are the most important wood-infesting insects in the urban environment. They are called carpenter ants because nest galleries have a smooth surface, as if sanded by a carpenter. Carpenter ants DO NOT EAT WOOD! They are outdoor scavengers and usually feed on insects and aphid honeydew. However, workers […]