Here's the Deal With Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are considered the most destructive insect we have here in Canada.  They chew tons of wood, and turn it into a fine sawdust.  In the forest, that would rot and turn into mulch; good right? In our homes on the other hand; not so good. Carpenter ants typically are either all black, or […]

Ordinance to make Landlords Responsible

In the City Council of Chicago; they are fine tuning an ordinance declaring bedbugs a public nuisance, and making landords responsible for getting rid of them.  Bedbugs have become so prevalant in the Chicago area that Orkin announced they did more business in 2012 there than any other city in the US. The city will […]

Bedbug Options are Limited

When I first began my career in Pest control in the late 1970’s; we were having similar problems with bedbugs as we are now again in 2013. Our advantage then was our ability to use DDT, Chlordane, and lindane. Boy oh boy; did they work!  They killed quickly, effectively, and had a long residual effect that survived on […]

Powder Post Beetle Scare, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterdown.

Powder post beetles are voracious eaters of wood, and can do extensive damage over time. The larvae feeds on wood and can reduce it to a mass of fine powder. Usually we find this in very old homes, in the beams that have been dried out for many many years. But surprisingly in the past […]

Action Pest Bedbug Protocol

For the past 30 years, we have been using and perfecting the integrated pest management program.  Jim miner; owner and technician at Action Pest Control, completed the intensive pest management course at Purdue University , in Lafayette Indiana in 1978 and designed the program we now use. Our goal is first to come out and INSPECT your property, then […]