Bedbug Procedure for Multi Unit Dwelling

When Action Pest Control gets a call to do a bedbug job for a landlord, we verbally explain the procedure we will do, and what the tenant must do to prepare over the phone.  We then fax or email the exact instructions to them in writing.  In multi unit dwellings we recommend that all surrounding units should be […]

Action Pest: Full Service At Top Quality...

At action Pest control we provide a wide range of services for all your pest control needs.  We offer free bedbug inspections too! We treat Ants of all kinds, House flies, Cluster flies, Lady bugs, Crawling insects, Mice, Rats, Bedbugs, Fleas, Bees, Wasps, Birds, Racoons, and Squirrels.  We also offer General Treatment for all crawling insects […]

Prepare For your Treatment!

  One of the main reasons bedbugs are not eradicated in a timely fashion, is the lack of preparation made before the treatment.  All bed linens MUST be stripped from all beds to be treated, and put immediately into sealed plastic bags for laundering in HOT water and drying on HIGH.  They are then to […]

Action Pest Control: Inspect, Identify; Eliminate...

At Action Pest Control; we give you our promise to Inspect your home thoroughly,  identify the problem and the extent to which it has manifested, and to eliminate the problem with a written guarantee. We ask detailed questions when you call in order to assess the extent of your problem, the size of the area […]

Bedbugs: Just the Facts

Bedbug on tounge depressor – Anon.   * They are small oval shape and wingless * They grow as they consume blood and turn dark red * The eggs are white and about the size of a pin head * The average life span is about one year * They can lay between one and […]

Cockroaches in High End Building

We just did a roach treatment in a high end condo building that was in the top three WORST infestations I have seen in 30 years. The people had been tenants who moved from a rental building only three months ago, and the poor condo owner had no idea. They told us they had moved out of the previous building because […]

Bedbugs in Hamilton schools

The majority of the schools that have had problems with bedbugs in Hamilton are in neighbourhoods with very high concentrations of social housing. As bedbugs travel easily in clothing and bags; they are not hard to transfer into the school system by unsuspecting students living in these areas. It isn’t the fault of the housing either, since […]

Concerned About Bedbugs When Travelling?

You may be at risk from bedbugs while travelling . Bedbugs have been found in 5 star hotels, resorts, cruise ships, buses and trains.  You’re at a much higher risk in places with a high turnover. To be safe from infestation; inspect your room when you arrive, and if possible don’t bring your luggage into the room until […]

Bedbugs in Medical Facilities and Restaurants

There is a disturbing trend in Hamilton… Unsuspecting people are bringing  in bedbugs on their clothing , handbags or knapsacks. They are coming off of them in medical facilities, dental clinics, as well as in offices dealing with social services. Unfortunately; nobody is completely immune to  this rapidly spreading menace.  We have serviced homes for doctors, teachers, nurses, social workers, […]

Bedbugs gone for Good?

One of the most common fears I hear; is that once you get bedbugs, you can’t get rid of them.  Most People think the solution is to move, and throw out all their furniture!  But with proper preparation, professional pest control service, and maintanance the bed bugs can be irradicated.   Step One: vacuum, vacuum, […]